Life at the Inn as a Storyteller and Creative Entrepreneur

When I found the Etsy web site by chance,  I knew that  I had found a place  that was like no other. It was a creative world  filled with amazing people, ideas, handmade things and art. I found others like me communicating about what they loved to make and do. My big imagination that had always made me feel somewhat different, was acceptable in this place of wonder and creativity.

I opened my own little shop and imagined myself as an Inn keeper selling my creations through an imaginary virtual gift shop.

Most days you can find me in my  fiber workshop, sitting at my desk writing or working in my garden,  when I am not working at my  day job.  Life is simple here for I have reached a place in my life where I  no longer  need many of the things that I thought I needed to  live a full life. I  have left go of the drama  and replaced it with  things that mean a lot to me like building my own greenhouse on the property that I grew up on and planting  small gardens that will allow me to grow my own healthy food and flowers. I have also given myself permission to  open up  a box of new crayons and play  with all the colours in any way that I want. I would encourage you to do the same because we all share the need to  create something.

You can also find me at my other website http://www.awomansstory.net

My favourite quote is ” I am realistic, I believe in Miracles”

Welcome to Maggies Inn!


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